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Fun Fact:

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West Maui Mountains and Hula Festival

Fun Facts

  • Although Wailuku serves as the government center of Maui County, Wailuku is not an incorporated city. There is no official "Capital of Maui" .
  • Rainbows: They are plentiful here, but be on the lookout for ghostly moonbows at night!
  • Here are the traditional Hawaiian meanings of a few of Wailuku's geographical names.
    • Wailuku: water (of) destruction
    • Waihe'e: squid liquid
  • Shaka sign is good for you. Press your three middle fingers down to your palm. Let the pinky and thumb spread out. That's the shaka sign and it means, "Hang Loose" or take it easy.
  • Wailuku is a string of little villages around the West Maui Mountains including Ma'alaea, Wailuku town, Waikapu, Waihe'e, and Waiehu.
  • In ancient times Wailuku was guarded by two temples that still afford spectacular views of the city and surrounding countryside.
  • Wailuku is the birthplace of some of Maui's most famous citizens, among them Keopuolani, the most sacred wife of Kamehameha the Great and Jesse Kuhaulua, the sumo champion known as Takamiyama.
  • Mark Twain, in a euphoric moment called Iao "The Yosemite of the Pacific".
  • At the head of Iao Valley is a natural amphitheater, the caldera of the original volcano that formed Maui.
  • Two hundred years ago, one of the most famous battles in Hawaiian history was fought at the Iao Valley when Kamehameha conquered the island and added it to his expanding Hawaiian nation.